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Our know-how

Our stores are the 'finishing touch' for your home decoration. Their charm and elegance create a light and shadow play and a unique atmosphere in every environment.

Constantly aiming for perfection, specialised craftsmen realise our stores out of wood. We enable our expertise and know-how to ensure the creation of a beautiful living place. While using , in particular, a lot of love and dedication.

Each store is hand crafted and therefore a unique piece of design. We offer you a wide range of finely picked, first choice, types of wood. During the fabrication of a store, the blinds are closely inspected.

We introduce to you different controlling systems. Ranging from the classic 'antique' wooden model, to a completely motorised store which may be integrated in the newest, contemporary domotica systems.

We use different kinds of paint, polish and oil. All from high quality, and in agreement with the Europese standards concerning quality and safety. They are applied according to ecological methods.

In addition, we have the possibility to add a personal touch to your home decoration. Thanks to our color laboratory we are able to design and create other colors, shades, lacquered or special finishing touches. Everything to live up to your desires and preferences.

And, finally, in order to make your biggest dreams come true, we can coat our wooden blinds with leather, or give them a special, edgy, finishing touch with gold foil, silver and copper. All in accordance with the traditional techniques.